I am in LOOOVEEEE with my purchases. I can honestly say that I love washing up now and I use them everyday! 

Recommend highly not just for it's durability and effectiveness as cleaning cloths but for its sustainable message.

I bought a GOODCLOTH Giant Bento Bag and I use it nearly every day - I love it! It’s really roomy and fits all my of my things inside and the fabric is great.


I was given a sponge and a scourer for Christmas and I think that they both work fantastically. Easy to use and easy to clean in the washing machine. Highly recommend!


About Us

Helena Buljan


GOODCLOTH was born to introduce reusable and sustainable alternatives to some of the plastic or single-use items that we all use so often at home.

Have you ever thrown out a plastic sponge after a week or two because it had started to smell? Have you grabbed a wet wipe to quickly clean up a small spill and then thrown it away? What about paper towels, plastic bags or wrapping paper - all thrown out after one use.

Would you consider using products that are machine washable and reusable again and again instead? If the answer is yes, and you’d like to make some easy eco-swaps this year, then please take a look at the GOODCLOTH range and let me know what you think.

Hope to hear from you soon!


GOODCLOTH est. 2019

ABN: 17248081523